Best Practices for Car Upholstery Cleaning

Everyday car manufacturers are upgrading every little detail due to the constant competition with one another, which is making cleaning methods a bit more complicated. With the development in automobile technology, the quality, and the materials of upholstery is changing day by day.

The best practices for excellent interior car wash and upholstery cleaning starts with collecting every little detail of your car. You need to use soap, water, and many other products, for car upholstery cleaning that can affect the electrical system of your vehicles when it gets in contact. Furthermore, cleaning your car upholstery with the use of low-quality products can end up ruining your car seats, so you need to choose the best products to clean your car seats.

To reach the best practices, you need to know everything about the interior of your car and the materials of the upholstery. Follow these basic steps for effective guidance:

  • Start from the basics and continue with step by step cleaning.
  • First, you can dry clean the seats and then start with wet cleaning to avoid the stains.
  • Protect the upholstery from getting too wet as it can leave a stain on it.
  • If you don’t have conditioners, you can use homemade products for upholstery cleaning.
  • You need to wait for 8 hours to avoid the stains of your upholstery.
  • Don’t leave the previous step incomplete and rush into the next one.

Tools needed to clean car upholstery

Cleaning your car upholstery is the same as cleaning your room, but in this case, you need to work effectively and look for every detail. While starting with the interior car wash process, you need to have the following things by your side:

  • Vacuum Cleaner
  • Upholstery Conditioner
  • Hot and cold water
  • Mild detergent
  • Cleaning sponges
  • Fresh towels
  • Toothbrush

Ways to clean the car carpet upholstery

Usually, you overlooked the car carpet upholstery cleaning, but it can make a massive difference to the overall look of your car. It is an essential part of the interior car wash process and easier for the dirt or crumbs to pile up on your car floor mats without being noticed. You need to follow these steps for carpet upholstery cleaning:

  • Before starting with car floor mats cleaning, you need to organize your car, so pick up any trash or dirt lying on the carpet of your vehicle.
  • Take off the carpets of your car and shake them to remove any additional trash or crumbs. After that, you should vacuum the carpets along with the seats effectively.
  • After removing the trash or crumbs, you should look for the stains and wipe them with the cold water then mop them with a towel. If you want deep cleaning, then you can use a spot cleaner or stain remover.

Your car provides you an excellent traveling experience every day, and the best thing you can do for it is to keep it fresh and clean. You can do so by choosing high-quality products for interior car wash and for cleaning your car seats for at least once a week. With regular cleaning, you can keep everything in shape and maintain the quality of your car.

Tips to Maintain Your Car Interior

A car is one of the means of transportation used to reach a certain place. Lots of car accidents that occur at this time and are caused due to lack of car maintenance. Whether it’s engine maintenance, tire care, car spare parts maintenance, and other treatments such as interior car wash.

Car maintenance is not only done on the exterior maintenance of the car, but interior care must also be considered. Car care is needed so that the car provides maximum benefits in its use. Not a few car owners prefer to take care of the exterior of their cars compared to the interior, because they think people will definitely judge from the outside.

The interior of the car also needs to be considered cleanliness and maintenance. The comforts while driving is also determined by the state of the interior of your car. What happens when you drive, your car’s interior feels stuffy, smelly and dusty. Therefore, car interior maintenance is also very necessary. If your car’s interior is clean, fragrant and well-maintained, surely the person in the car will feel comfortable.

Caring for the interior of the car does not have to be done in a car salon, you can do it yourself at home starting from cleaning the dashboard, carpet, upholstery, and ceiling. In this article, we will discuss tips on car interior care, which will be reviewed in more depth so that you can make it as reference material, let’s see together the following explanation:

1. Clean the Dashboard

If your car’s dashboard is dusty and dirty, people will give the impression that the car owner is less diligent in maintaining cleanliness. You can wet the cloth with a mixture of water and a little liquid soap. Then gently wipe it on the dashboard so the dashboard doesn’t blister, and wipe it again using a dry cloth. After that, apply polish leather care which aims to keep the dashboard from sun exposure so the dashboard is not easy to dry and peel off.

2. Cleaning the Car Carpet

The carpet is the dirtiest part of the car because it is often trampled so that dirt from the outside will be brought in by shoes or sandals into the car and stuck to the carpet. Therefore you will need extra energy to clean it. Take out all the carpets in the car. If the rug is made of cloth, try when brushing it should use a soft-bristled brush and do not brush too hard. If there are stains on the carpet that is difficult to remove, use stain remover liquid to clean it. Wipe the carpet back clean and dry it. When going to install the carpet into the car, try the floor of the car has been cleaned of dust and dirt.

In addition to cleaning the inside of the car, it would be better if you always avoid some of the problems that cause your car’s interior to be dirty, smelly, stuffy and dusty. If you don’t care for the interior of the car above because you are too busy with work, so there is no time to do it, you can take your car to the car wash.

Right Steps to Clean the Car Interior

Before starting a trip by car, it’s good to do treatment first. The point is, of course, to make the travel becomes safer and more comfortable. Not only the exterior and engine, but the interior side also cannot be spared from maintenance and some interior car wash. Besides increasing the comfort of its users, a clean interior can also prevent damage to some parts of the car. Here are some interior parts of the car that must be cleaned so that your trip becomes more comfortable:

1. Carpet

Carpet is the dirtiest part because there are various types of objects carried by footwear, such as soil, sand, and gravel. Therefore, carpets are usually coated with rubber to facilitate maintenance. How to clean it is quite easy, just need to be brushed and washed with soap and then dried. If the carpet cannot be removed, you can use a vacuum cleaner to vacuum it.

2. Dashboard

This component easily looks dull so it needs to be cleaned regularly. First, remove dust and dirt from sticking with dust or cloth. In a narrow section, use a small brush to clean it. After that, rub the dashboard surface using warm water or special cleaning fluid evenly. Then, dry the part before applying the anti-UV liquid to provide protection and make it shiny.

3. Seat Cover

Installing a cover is the easiest way to keep the seat clean. However, care must also be taken regularly so that it is not quickly damaged and hard. The treatment must be adjusted to the seat material. However, the easiest way is to clean the seat from the floor with a vacuum cleaner. Like human skin, if the seat cover is too dry it will crack. To maintain moisture you can use a special “lotion”.

4. Ceiling

One of the places where dirt and dust are lodged in the ceiling. That’s why you need to clean it with a cloth that isn’t too wet. After that, rub it using a clean dry cloth.

5. Cabin fragrances

After all the interior is clean, you can add special car deodorizers. This is of course so that the smell of the car becomes fresher. Choose a scent that doesn’t sting to avoid the effects of dizziness. In addition, avoid the aroma of relaxation so you are not easily drowsy.

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How to Make Your Car Interior Looks Expensive

Having a luxury car is a dream of everyone, it feels very proud if we succeed in having the car we dreamed of. Besides being able to look cool when using it, luxury cars also have an interior or exterior that makes the owners comfortable. Although luxury cars are always dreamed of by many people, not everyone can get or own the car easily. Previously, you need to know that luxury cars have high tax costs, besides that the spare parts contained in the car are very expensive if there is damage. Even you have to prepare enough funds, for the maintenance costs of your luxury car.

But, don’t worry because there are interesting and profitable alternatives for you if you want to have a luxury car at a low price and of course the tax costs are not expensive. You don’t need to have the car, all you need to do is design the car that you have now, to be a car that seems luxurious and cool. One of them is to maintain the cleanliness of your car’s interior by using interior car wash services

Here are some ways you can change the interior design of your car to make it look more luxurious:

1. Clean Vehicles Can Make Your Car Look Luxury
Even though it’s simple, we don’t realize that a clean and well-maintained car has a plus. For example, it gives an elegant and luxurious impression on your car. So, schedule your car regularly to be taken to the car salon, so that it can be cleaned properly. So, if your car is clean, it will not only give you the impression of luxury or elegance, you will also feel comfortable when using your favorite car.

2. Using Car Fragrances
Not only can a clean car make your car look luxurious, but using car air freshener according to taste can also give the impression of luxury. Because car fragrances are quite affordable for some people, you don’t need to spend a lot of money so that your car becomes luxurious, right?

3. Using Leather Seat
Using leather seats similar to a car can also give a luxurious impression to your car. You can adjust the seat with the car brand you are using, do not choose the wrong one, there is even a luxury value in your car.

4. Using Black Film Glass
Generally, some officials often use dark-colored window film, not just them. You can also use dark colored film so that your car can look luxurious and very modern.

Mistakes When Washing a Car

Car washing such as exterior and interior car wash are car care tips that must be done. This simple maintenance needs to be done routinely to clean and maintain the car from the danger of dirt, dust, mold, and crust that can attack car parts. Most car owners choose to wash their own cars so the results are more optimal. But unfortunately, there are some mistakes that car owners often make when they are washing cars. It can even cause new problems such as car paint that fades, the appearance of spot water, and others. For those of you who often wash your own car at home, here are some mistakes in car washing that you should avoid.

1. Washing a Car Under the Sun

It is very wrong if you wash the car in the direct sunlight. This will indeed make the car dry quickly. However, if the sun is too hot, it will cause the remaining remnants of the water to dry quickly, even so, that the soap is still attached to the body of the car. The result can make stains from the water dry out and look like crust.

2. Using Dish Washing Soap

The mistake of car washing is often done by not using special car soap but using dish soap. Many argue that if its liquid nature is also effective to be able to repel stains and dirt. Though the content of washing soap is very hard for car paint. This will result in the car paint getting faded, striped, and scratched. If your car is like this, then you need to use a car coating.

3. Not Cleaning Starting from Top to Bottom
Many people sometimes misstep in washing their cars. A good way to clean a car starts from the upper part of the roof and then drops down. Usually, the dirt found on the roof is less when compared to the bottom. If you start from the bottom, it’s the same as bringing dirt from the bottom to the top.

4. Forgetting the Sidelines of the Door
Often car owners forget to clean parts between doors. The owner usually only tries to clean the visible dirt. If the car looks sleek and smooth again, the job is finished. Even when opening the door, you can see if the amount of dirt accumulates on the sidelines of the door. If it is not cleaned, it can cause the rubber to become brittle and then cause rain to enter the car’s cabin.

Things That Can Damage the Appearance of The Dashboard

The dashboard is a device which is the most vulnerable part of the cabin, compared to other parts. Because of its position which is directly behind the windshield, most often exposed to direct sunlight exposure. The initial stage, for plastic dashboards, usually the texture becomes harder so that the long-term effects of the plastic material will lift. While for those wrapped in skin, generally begins with the surface of the material that dries and arises cracks on the skin. To maintain the cleanliness of your car’s interior, you can do an interior car wash.

In order to keep the dashboard in good condition, some of these things can be a concern to avoid premature damage that can reduce the appearance of your car’s interior.

1. Sun’s heat
Direct sunlight to the dashboard, can quickly damage the dashboard, so you should use window film on the windshield, in order to reduce exposure to the sun’s heat on the dashboard. Try not to be too dark so that visual driving is maintained well.

2. Dashboard Polishing Material
Not all cabin maintenance materials are good for the dashboard. We recommend that you read the instructions on the package before using it. The dashboard material also has a bad effect when driving during the day. Reflection of the dash to the windshield is enough to disturb the view while driving. Material both leather and plastic in the interior should be moisturized, not glazed. So that it can prevent the material from drying out when overheated and its condition is maintained well.

3. Fragrances
Fragrant cabins are preferred. But be careful of liquid fragrances that are usually plugged into the car’s AC outlet. Because the liquid contains alcohol and other chemicals that if dripped onto the dashboard will fade the color, even damage the texture of the dashboard. Make sure the liquid packaging bottle does not leak and do not forget to use a cloth to wipe the cloth to dry after refilling.

4. Used glue
In some cabin fragrances, some have models in the glue on the dash using double-sided tape. If it is no longer used, it is better if the glue marks that are attached to it are immediately cleaned to the maximum If you leave it for a long time, the leftover glue will be more difficult to remove and make the dashboard look less clean. You can use eucalyptus oil as a cleanser that is easily available at home. Like a home, a clean and well-maintained dash will make the cabin look more beautiful.