how to clean car upholstery

Best Practices for Car Upholstery Cleaning

Everyday car manufacturers are upgrading every little detail due to the constant competition with one another, which is making cleaning methods a bit more complicated. With the development in automobile technology, the quality, and the materials of upholstery is changing day by day.

car Upholstery Cleaning

The best practices for excellent interior car wash and upholstery cleaning starts with collecting every little detail of your car. You need to use soap, water, and many other products, for car upholstery cleaning that can affect the electrical system of your vehicles when it gets in contact. Furthermore, cleaning your car upholstery with the use of low-quality products can end up ruining your car seats, so you need to choose the best products to clean your car seats. View More

Interior Car Wash

Tips to Maintain Your Car Interior

A car is one of the means of transportation used to reach a certain place. Lots of car accidents that occur at this time and are caused due to lack of car maintenance. Whether it’s engine maintenance, tire care, car spare parts maintenance, and other treatments such as interior car wash. Car maintenance is not only done on the exterior maintenance of the car, but interior care must also be considered. Car care is needed so that the car provides maximum benefits in its use. Not a few car owners prefer to take care of the exterior of their cars compared to the interior, because they think people will definitely judge from the outside. View More

how to clean car interior fabric

Right Steps to Clean the Car Interior

Before starting a trip by car, it’s good to do treatment first. The point is, of course, to make the travel becomes safer and more comfortable. Not only the exterior and engine, but the interior side also cannot be spared from maintenance and some interior car wash. Besides increasing the comfort of its users, a clean interior can also prevent damage to some parts of the car. Here are some interior parts of the car that must be cleaned so that your trip becomes more comfortable:

1. Carpet

Carpet is the dirtiest part because there are various types of objects carried by footwear, such as soil, sand, and gravel. Therefore, carpets are usually coated with rubber to facilitate maintenance. How to clean it is quite easy, just need to be brushed and washed with soap and then dried. If the carpet cannot be removed, you can use a vacuum cleaner to vacuum it. View More