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How to Make Your Car Interior Looks Expensive

Having a luxury car is a dream of everyone, it feels very proud if we succeed in having the car we dreamed of. Besides being able to look cool when using it, luxury cars also have an interior or exterior that makes the owners comfortable. Although luxury cars are always dreamed of by many people, not everyone can get or own the car easily. Previously, you need to know that luxury cars have high tax costs, besides that the spare parts contained in the car are very expensive if there is damage. Even you have to prepare enough funds, for the maintenance costs of your luxury car.

But, don’t worry because there are interesting and profitable alternatives for you if you want to have a luxury car at a low price and of course the tax costs are not expensive. View More

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Mistakes When Washing a Car

Car washing such as exterior and interior car wash are car care tips that must be done. This simple maintenance needs to be done routinely to clean and maintain the car from the danger of dirt, dust, mold, and crust that can attack car parts. Most car owners choose to wash their own cars so the results are more optimal. But unfortunately, there are some mistakes that car owners often make when they are washing cars. It can even cause new problems such as car paint that fades, the appearance of spot water, and others. For those of you who often wash your own car at home, here are some mistakes in car washing that you should avoid.

1. Washing a Car Under the Sun

It is very wrong if you wash the car in the direct sunlight. This will indeed make the car dry quickly. However, if the sun is too hot, View More

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Things That Can Damage the Appearance of The Dashboard

The dashboard is a device which is the most vulnerable part of the cabin, compared to other parts. Because of its position which is directly behind the windshield, most often exposed to direct sunlight exposure. The initial stage, for plastic dashboards, usually the texture becomes harder so that the long-term effects of the plastic material will lift. While for those wrapped in skin, generally begins with the surface of the material that dries and arises cracks on the skin. To maintain the cleanliness of your car’s interior, you can do an interior car wash.

In order to keep the dashboard in good condition, some of these things can be a concern to avoid premature damage that can reduce the appearance of your car’s interior.

1. Sun’s heat
Direct sunlight to the dashboard, can quickly damage the dashboard, so you should use window film on the windshield, in order to reduce exposure to the sun’s heat on the dashboard. View More