how to wash car at home

Mistakes When Washing a Car

Car washing such as exterior and interior car wash are car care tips that must be done. This simple maintenance needs to be done routinely to clean and maintain the car from the danger of dirt, dust, mold, and crust that can attack car parts. Most car owners choose to wash their own cars so the results are more optimal. But unfortunately, there are some mistakes that car owners often make when they are washing cars. It can even cause new problems such as car paint that fades, the appearance of spot water, and others. For those of you who often wash your own car at home, here are some mistakes in car washing that you should avoid.

1. Washing a Car Under the Sun

It is very wrong if you wash the car in the direct sunlight. This will indeed make the car dry quickly. However, if the sun is too hot, it will cause the remaining remnants of the water to dry quickly, even so, that the soap is still attached to the body of the car. The result can make stains from the water dry out and look like crust.

2. Using Dish Washing Soap

The mistake of car washing is often done by not using special car soap but using dish soap. Many argue that if its liquid nature is also effective to be able to repel stains and dirt. Though the content of washing soap is very hard for car paint. This will result in the car paint getting faded, striped, and scratched. If your car is like this, then you need to use a car coating.

Car Detailing Cleaning

3. Not Cleaning Starting from Top to Bottom
Many people sometimes misstep in washing their cars. A good way to clean a car starts from the upper part of the roof and then drops down. Usually, the dirt found on the roof is less when compared to the bottom. If you start from the bottom, it’s the same as bringing dirt from the bottom to the top.

4. Forgetting the Sidelines of the Door
Often car owners forget to clean parts between doors. The owner usually only tries to clean the visible dirt. If the car looks sleek and smooth again, the job is finished. Even when opening the door, you can see if the amount of dirt accumulates on the sidelines of the door. If it is not cleaned, it can cause the rubber to become brittle and then cause rain to enter the car’s cabin.

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