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Things That Can Damage the Appearance of The Dashboard

The dashboard is a device which is the most vulnerable part of the cabin, compared to other parts. Because of its position which is directly behind the windshield, most often exposed to direct sunlight exposure. The initial stage, for plastic dashboards, usually the texture becomes harder so that the long-term effects of the plastic material will lift. While for those wrapped in skin, generally begins with the surface of the material that dries and arises cracks on the skin. To maintain the cleanliness of your car’s interior, you can do an interior car wash.

In order to keep the dashboard in good condition, some of these things can be a concern to avoid premature damage that can reduce the appearance of your car’s interior.

1. Sun’s heat
Direct sunlight to the dashboard, can quickly damage the dashboard, so you should use window film on the windshield, in order to reduce exposure to the sun’s heat on the dashboard. Try not to be too dark so that visual driving is maintained well.

2. Dashboard Polishing Materialauto interior cleaningNot all cabin maintenance materials are good for the dashboard. We recommend that you read the instructions on the package before using it. The dashboard material also has a bad effect when driving during the day. Reflection of the dash to the windshield is enough to disturb the view while driving. Material both leather and plastic in the interior should be moisturized, not glazed. So that it can prevent the material from drying out when overheated and its condition is maintained well.

3. Fragrances
Fragrant cabins are preferred. But be careful of liquid fragrances that are usually plugged into the car’s AC outlet. Because the liquid contains alcohol and other chemicals that if dripped onto the dashboard will fade the color, even damage the texture of the dashboard. Make sure the liquid packaging bottle does not leak and do not forget to use a cloth to wipe the cloth to dry after refilling.

4. Used glue
In some cabin fragrances, some have models in the glue on the dash using double-sided tape. If it is no longer used, it is better if the glue marks that are attached to it are immediately cleaned to the maximum If you leave it for a long time, the leftover glue will be more difficult to remove and make the dashboard look less clean. You can use eucalyptus oil as a cleanser that is easily available at home. Like a home, a clean and well-maintained dash will make the cabin look more beautiful.

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