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Tips to Maintain Your Car Interior

A car is one of the means of transportation used to reach a certain place. Lots of car accidents that occur at this time and are caused due to lack of car maintenance. Whether it’s engine maintenance, tire care, car spare parts maintenance, and other treatments such as interior car wash. Car maintenance is not only done on the exterior maintenance of the car, but interior care must also be considered. Car care is needed so that the car provides maximum benefits in its use. Not a few car owners prefer to take care of the exterior of their cars compared to the interior, because they think people will definitely judge from the outside.

The interior of the car also needs to be considered cleanliness and maintenance. The comforts while driving is also determined by the state of the interior of your car. What happens when you drive, your car’s interior feels stuffy, smelly and dusty. Therefore, car interior maintenance is also very necessary. If your car’s interior is clean, fragrant and well-maintained, surely the person in the car will feel comfortable. Caring for the interior of the car does not have to be done in a car salon, you can do it yourself at home starting from cleaning the dashboard, carpet, upholstery, and ceiling. In this article, we will discuss tips on car interior care, which will be reviewed in more depth so that you can make it as reference material, let’s see together the following explanation:

1. Clean the Dashboard

If your car’s dashboard is dusty and dirty, people will give the impression that the car owner is less diligent in maintaining cleanliness. You can wet the cloth with a mixture of water and a little liquid soap. Then gently wipe it on the dashboard so the dashboard doesn’t blister, and wipe it again using a dry cloth. After that, apply polish leather care which aims to keep the dashboard from sun exposure so the dashboard is not easy to dry and peel off.

2. Cleaning the Car Carpet

The carpet is the dirtiest part of the car because it is often trampled so that dirt from the outside will be brought in by shoes or sandals into the car and stuck to the carpet. Therefore you will need extra energy to clean it. Take out all the carpets in the car. If the rug is made of cloth, try when brushing it should use a soft-bristled brush and do not brush too hard. If there are stains on the carpet that is difficult to remove, use stain remover liquid to clean it. Wipe the carpet back clean and dry it. When going to install the carpet into the car, try the floor of the car has been cleaned of dust and dirt.

In addition to cleaning the inside of the car, it would be better if you always avoid some of the problems that cause your car’s interior to be dirty, smelly, stuffy and dusty. If you don’t care for the interior of the car above because you are too busy with work, so there is no time to do it, you can take your car to the car wash.

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